Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance

Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance

September 24, 2019 0 By Alfredo Lane
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Sbergio Bros. Ltd is a full service asphalt paving, grading and excavation company proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surroundings since 1984.

Let Sbergio Bros. Limited take care of all you driveway asphalt repairs, sealing, crack repairs, pot holes, base failure catch basin etc.

Driveway Asphalt Crack Repairs.

– First we will pick, clean and grind out all the loose dirt, vegetation etc.
– Then by using a combination of steel brushes, commercial back pack blowers,
we will then dry out the insides.
– Then we will supply and fill in the cracks by using top of the line Commercial Rubberized Crack Sealant.

One of the most damaging things for any asphalt pavement is cracking.
Cracks allow moisture to penetrate the pavement. In the winter this moisture can freeze causing a multitude of more serious problems. In the warmer months weeds or grass can take root in the cracks causing extensive damage.
There is one thing for sure; a crack is a future pothole waiting to happen.

Of course professional crack repair using specialized hot applied materials is best but if the cracks are not too numerous or large often the homeowner can be the first line of defense against the inevitable damage caused by cracks in asphalt pavements.

Not all cracks are created equal. If you have what is referred to as “alligator” or “chicken wire” cracking (terms used because the cracks resemble alligator skin or chicken wire) sealing won’t help. This is characterized by numerous cracks close together forming a block pattern resembling the terms above. If this condition has existed long enough the area may be sunken slightly.

These areas are already potholes and need professional repair. While they may not look like a pothole; all it takes is for one block to come out, and the entire area will soon loosen and come apart leaving a pothole. These areas should be professional repaired before this happens to minimize the damaged area and avoid more costly repairs later.